Middle Cyclone 2xLP (Clear)


Neko Case - Middle Cyclone 2xLP (Clear)
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Neko Case’s “Middle Cyclone” has been re-pressed on Clear Vinyl for Record Store Day. This is a limited edition Gatefold Clear 2xLP.

  1. This Tornado Loves You – 3:21
  2. The Next Time You Say “Forever” – 1:46
  3. People Got A Lotta Nerve – 2:34
  4. Polar Nettles – 2:26
  5. Vengeance Is Sleeping – 3:23
  6. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth – 2:14
  7. Middle Cyclone – 3:06
  8. Fever – 3:19
  9. Magpie To The Morning – 2:44
  10. I’m An Animal – 2:21
  11. Prison Girls – 5:26
  12. Don’t Forget Me – 3:10
  13. The Pharaohs – 3:38
  14. Red Tide – 2:53
  15. Marais La Nuit – 31:39

The fifth studio album from Neko Case. Not only was it the most anticipated of her career, but Middle Cyclone launched to a #3 debut on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. A stunning accomplishment for any artist in their career, this was one that was more than a decade in the making for Case. Haunting and obtuse all the more animalistic than her past creations, Middle Cyclone envelops you into Case’s world and it’s hard to turn away.

“The instincts she channels—hunger, fear, lust—may be animalistic. But the ache in her voice is wrenchingly human.” 4.5/5- Spin

“_Middle Cyclone_ is reliably Case-like, in that it seems unpredictable, unless you’ve listened to Case long enough to understand what she understands: that following fleeting impulses can be as rewarding as it is dangerous.“- AV Club

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