Carnivale Electricos LP


Galactic - Carnivale Electricos LP
LP ($14.99)

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  1. Ha Di Ka (feat. Big Chief Juan Pardo and the Golden Camanche)
  2. Hey Na Na (feat. David Shaw from The Revivalist & Maggie Koerner)
  3. Magalenha (feat. Casa Samba)
  4. Voyage Ton Flag
  5. Out In The Street (feat. Cyril & Ivan Neville)
  6. JuLou
  7. Move Fast (feat. Mystikal & Mannie Fresh)
  8. Karate (feat. KIPP Reniassance High School Marching Band)
  9. Guero Bounce
  10. Carnival Time (feat. Al “Carnival Time” Johnson)
  11. Attack
  12. O Côco da Galinha (feat. Moyseis Marques)
  13. Ash Wednesday Sunrise

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