Emmaar - 2xLP


Tinariwen - Emmaar - 2xLP
2xLP ($15.99)

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Track Listing:

  1. Toumast Tincha (Album Version)
  2. Chaghaybou
  3. Arhegh Danagh
  4. lmidiwan Ahi Sigdim
  5. Tahalamot
  6. Sendad Eghlalan
  7. lmdiwanin Ahi Tifhamam
  8. Koud Edhaz Emin
  9. Emajer
  10. Aghregh Medin (Hassan’s Song)

This purchase includes a digital download for the full album. That download will be emailed to you shortly after purchase.


  • This purchase includes a digital version of the album in MP3 format. That code will be sent your email on or just before the release date.

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