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Grinderman - Grinderman - LP
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  1. Get It On
  2. No Pussy Blues
  3. Electric Alice
  4. Grinderman
  5. Depth Charge Ethel
  6. Go Tell the Women
  7. (I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free
  8. Honey Bee (Let’s Fly to Mars)
  9. Man in the Moon
  10. When My Love Comes Down
  11. Love Bomb

Nick Cave & members of the Bad Seeds set out to throw a bomb into the foxhole-a wrench into the works. Taking a step back, a step forward, and a step to the side of the infamous catalog of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Grinderman is a whole new beast. In their words:

“As our dreams and desires are hung on the butcher’s hook of rampant consumerism, and the mirage and the illusion and the Nike trainers are served up on the trembling quim of an impossibly nubile girl-thing, No Pussy Blues tells it like it is,” suggests Cave. “It is the child standing goggle-eyed at the cake shop window, as the shop-owner, in his plastic sleeves, barricades the door and turns the sign to “CLOSED“. It is the howl in the dark of the Everyman.”

“Set over a throbbing pornographic bass line, the world holds its breath for the onslaught of the wah’s shriek of frustration and dirty water,” counters Casey. “No Pussy Blues continues in the blues tradition and its timeless fascination with getting laid… or not.”

“It’s ‘Back Door Man‘, it’s ‘Crawling King Snake‘, it’s ‘Tiger Man‘,” says Ellis.

“It’s ‘Shake Rattle and Roll‘,” says Sclavunos.

“Grinderman are an indulgent study in excess, sure, but the twist is that at every turn Cave keeps the chaos carefully in check, emphasizing messiness when need be but also showcasing the deceptively precise playing of his band as well as his loose and at times gloriously silly lyrics.“- Pitchfork

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