The Dissent Of Man CD & Natural Shirt

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Bad Religion - The Dissent Of Man CD & Natural Shirt

More Information

  1. The Day That the Earth Stalled – 1:23
  2. Only Rain – 2:43
  3. The Resist Stance – 2:32
  4. Won’t Somebody – 2:42
  5. The Devil in Stitches – 3:28
  6. Pride and the Pallor – 2:56
  7. Wrong Way Kids – 2:43
  8. Meeting of the Minds – 2:06
  9. Someone to Believe – 2:38
  10. Avalon – 3:28
  11. Cyanide – 3:55
  12. Turn Your Back On Me – 2:24
  13. Ad Hominem – 3:27
  14. Where The Fun Is – 3:04
  15. I Won’t Say Anything – 3:22

Deluxe Digital Download Tracks

  1. Finite – 3:51
  2. Best For You (bonus live track)
  3. Pessimistic Lines (bonus live track)
  4. How Much Is Enough? (bonus live track)
  5. Generator (bonus live track)

With The Dissent Of Man, Bad Religion challenges their own past decade since returning with Brett Gurewitz to the songwriting formula with 2002’s The Process Of Belief. Not unlike Generator and Recipe For Hate took Bad Religion’s earlier output and put a new spin on it, The Dissent Of Man combines searing punk anthems (“The Day The Earth Stalled“, “Meeting Of The Minds“), and songs that are equal parts punk and rock (“Devil In Stitches“, “Cyanide“). After 15 albums, Bad Religion are still inspired and the result is an album that pushes the envelope of what a punk band can be.

Bundle Includes

  • The Dissent Of Man CD
  • The Dissent Of Man DELUXE Digital Download
  • The Dissent Of Man Natural T-Shirt. This five color shirt is printed with waterbased ink on a natural 100% cotton shirt.

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