Trying To Breathe - 7" - Black


Off With Their Heads - Trying To Breathe - 7" - Black
7" ($4.99)

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Side A

  1. Trying To Breathe

Side B

  1. I May Be A Lot Of Shitty Things, But At Least I’m Not A Rapist Like You
  • OPTION: Off With Their Heads “Party Pack” for only $5. This is a pre-order exclusive to only 500 packages. This package includes a limited edition stainless steel windproof Zippo-style Lighter, a structured foam Koozie, and a solid engraved, aluminum bottle opener key chain. Be prepared for summer and when they‘re gone, they‘re gone. It’s kind of like buying Dark Side Of The Moon and “The Wizard Of Oz” at the same time. You just…_SEE_ it differently, man. Added Bonus-you get the Deluxe Download bonus track with this option.
  • This teaser EP for Off With Their Heads new LP In Desolation features two songs with an exclusive B-Side only available on this 7“. Available in stores on black vinyl, Epitaph is making a limited run of black and red available. The first 500 are on red. When they‘re gone, they‘re gone.

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