Youthanize - CD


The Color of Violence - Youthanize - CD
CD ($9.99)

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  1. Rock Music
  2. large hardon collider
  3. God Gave Me Deeze Nutz
  4. Me and My Enormous Spiritual Erection
  5. Youthanize
  6. Christina, Christina
  7. Create a Merkaba, and get me outta here!
  8. crapandemic
  9. Even I Use to be Sex
  10. Look! I made it! I’m dating an actress!
    Featuring From First To Last’s Trevor Richter, The Color of Violence takes you back to an early era of grindcore/screamo and presents it with an almost indie sophistication. Featuring a cover of the Pixies’ anthem “Rock Music“, it’s an unconventional take featuring crazy guitar riffs, brutal production and unpredictable arrangements to create an unsettling and completely modern listen.

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